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A solid foundation

I recently constructed a garage in my back yard with a friend and realized the importance of keeping things organized . It also got me to thinking about the universal nature of just how important a solid foundation is in realationship to the whole picture.

Without this crucial first step done right everything on top will be ultimately effected by what stands underneath it.

It got me to thinking about drumming of course and how this concept directly translates to music and building a solid groove.

A solid groove isn’t much different than making sure things are level, square and plum so that things go smoothly. If these steps aren’t done correctly then there will ultimately be a lot of unesassary time consuming clean up to make things right.

It’s the same for a drummer or any musician if we want to succeed in the music world.

As a drummer everything we do onstage will effect the song as a whole.

If our time waivers everyone suffers and no one is happy. The role of a drummer is to support the music and keep good time first and foremost.

Keeping good time is to me the foundational qualitys one must have to be a good drummer or good anything for that matter.