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Welcome to Ray’s Way!

Welcome to the Ray’s Way blog, where I plan to share with you a variety of experiences and information from my life in music and drumming. My life – in and out of music — has been an unusual journey.

Finding the way back from life-threatening burns taught me many things I might not have learned otherwise. Not the least of these is that I wanted to live. Not as a victim, but as a full human being to the greatest extent of my abilities.

Music and drumming have played a role in my healing and growth that can’t be measured. But my path has also been a spiritual journey. So you’ll sometimes find my posts on drum technique, composition and experiences gigging around the world connected to the bigger idea of finding meaning in the things we do each day.

From time to time I’ll also post interviews with music icons when I run into them at festivals and drumming events. I’ll work hard to keep it interesting, to offer something for all readers, whether you’re a musician, a student or a music lover.

Thank you in advance for letting me share my thoughts and experiences with you. As much as I enjoy drumming practice or composing and recording tracks in my studio, it doesn’t compare to the incredible joy of playing for an audience – the connection and the two-way communication. That’s what I hope for here. Please comment liberally. Let’s connect!